Friday, December 25, 2015

It’s Merry Indeed

I have remained absent from this blog for about two weeks now, the reason being I was too mentally, spiritually and emotionally drained out to muster the energy to write. But, it’s Christmas today and nothing can deter my mood – not even the fact that my house is a shabby mess (we have paint work going here…for about a month now) or that my mother is getting all fussy about me sitting here and doing this blog (or sitting in front of the laptop as she calls it). It’s Christmas and it’s time to rejoice.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

G for Gerund

The word ‘gerund’ brings to my mind some fond memories of school days. It so happened that our subject teacher had announced that we would be doing Gerund next week. He warned us not to miss these classes as Gerund is a crucial topic and a very difficult one at that. Being deeply interested in English language and literature from a very young age, I would keenly look forward to our Grammar classes for a deeper understanding on the subject. (English is not our first language. Yes, we need to learn it!) I bore in my mind, with acute gravity, the teacher’s warning about not missing out on the classes.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Collecting For A Cause

Yesterday, after the Mass, I was catching up with an 8 year old in my Parish. Kids are really excited about Christmas these days. What with the preparations for the crib and carol singing and various images of the Santa and the Christmas Trees around, the Christmas fervor is bound to be in the air.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Boo-Boo, Mum-Mum?

A toddler living across my balcony was having her morning breakfast (which she calls 'mum-mum') when she spotted a couple of pigeons hovering over (whom she calls ‘boo-boo’ as in kabootar). She came running down to them and asked them with utmost sincerity "Boo-boo, mum-mum?" offering them the wafer in her hand. The birds, however, not realizing the child's concern for them, flew away without a backward glance, leaving her a little disappointed and perplexed. I explained to her that they eat a different kind of ‘mum-mum’, which of course the baby did not understand. She, in turn, stared at me for a while with her big beautiful eyes, and then toddled away to her mother.

This, I think, would be the sweetest thing I’d see today.