April 14, 2016

Give Me Some Empathy

Dedicated to all those -
whose sorrows are never known,
whose sufferings are forgone,
whose miseries are unknown.

My pains have made me encased,
The struggles I have faced,
Have made me so dazed,
Which you will not understand,
Since you do not withstand,
The agonies that I must stand.

But, give me some empathy,

That’s all I ever ask,
Is it a difficult task?
Or do I have to mask,

My existence behind a curtain?
Which would make it certain,
That I am a soul uncertain.

But, give me some empathy,

Which would make me believe,
That the world where we live,
Has something to me give.

Or will it fail to understand,
The scourges some withstand?
In their ruthless ways, will they stand?

Give me some empathy!

#depression #God'sloveneverends #hopeinGod

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