Monday, May 30, 2016

Find Your Happiness

“Wear you scars like a crown. It shows that you have battled your way through life and you have come out as a champion.”

We have all been in a place where everything seems dark and it feels like an endless tunnel with no light at the end of it. It’s a difficult phase of life and it happens to everybody. But, life is the biggest teacher and time is the biggest healer. Life has its way of teaching you what you need to learn and time will teach you patience and endurance. And after a while when you turn back, you could not be but proud of yourself.

There was a time when I was stuck deep down in a pit and I thought I could never come out of this pit I had made my home. But slowly and steadily, using prayer as my light and patience as my power, I crawled my way out into the light and life of the world. I saw that the world is a beautiful place and my happiness, actually, lies within me.

You alone are responsible for your happiness.  Not the people in your life, not your job, not your relations. It’s about finding that happy spot right within you. People change, relationships may loose their charm, jobs may fail you. But if you find your happiness in the bottom of your soul, no worldly power can take it away from you.

No matter how deeply sunk you are in a valley, there’s always a way to clamber out of it. And while you are still figuring out how to do it, smile anyway. Be patient with yourself and with your circumstances. Tough times teach you endurance and that in itself is one the biggest lessons of life. Know that there is a greater and mightier power which is taking of you. You are in the hands of God and He knows what He is doing.

Gradually when the clouds clear out and you are able to see the sun again, you will realize that it was truly the best thing that ever happened to you. You will see that you have come out wiser, smarter and braver.

The safety and security of knowing that I have a big God who loves me and looks after me every moment of my life constantly encourages me. He watches over you and sends you help just when you need it. The people in your life are here just to guide you and help you in the process. But ultimately, it is your life, your journey. You need to find your way through it and you will. You alone are responsible for yourself and your happiness. And once you realize it, you will truly be proud of the person you have become and the struggle you have been through.

Cheers to life!!


  1. So true.. happiness lies within. No one is responsible for our happiness except ourselves. Feeling motivated after reading your post. Keep posting.. looking forward to more of your posts!!! GBU.

    1. Thank you so much Meenu for your response. :)