April 11, 2018

Pearls of Wisdom by Atticus Finch

If there’s one book that I would recommend anyone, anytime, it is To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. This is no Dan Brown where you can’t wait to get to the end, or Harry Potter where you are transported to a whole new world of spells and spellbinding magic. This book is just an ordinary collection of everyday things that gradually transpires into something truly extraordinary. 

Set in the late 1930s, the story revolves around a man called Atticus Finch and his two children, and is neatly woven around the country life of the fictitious Maycomb County in Alabama, US. The narrative, described by Atticus' daughter aged six, invites us to take a fresh look at the world and visualize it from a child's perspective. It also evokes a certain sense of nostalgia as one could easily reminiscence their childhood. 

April 1, 2018

The Empty Tomb

A young maid in the wee hours of the morning,
Approached a tomb with much grief and bemoaning.
She went to visit the Lord she so loved to the core,
But Mary Magdalene found not what she came looking for.

She ran to Peter and John, full of fears unknown,
“They have taken the Lord”, she began to groan.
Off went the disciples and saw the empty tomb,
Linen on the ground and head-cover rolled in gloom.

Mary wept and wept, and then she glanced,
Upon two angelic figures in white she chanced.
Thence saw a man standing, mistook him for the gardener,
Spoke the feisty woman with all strength she could garner -

“If you have taken him away, tell me where it is;
I will go and remove him” her heart beating amiss.
“Mary!” exclaimed the Lord, and upon her it dawned,
This is her beloved Rabboni of whom she is so fond.

#Easter blessings to all.

March 26, 2018

Ad Ode To Innocent Chuckles And Innocuous Friendships

The treasured memories of our childhood ring,
The cold, winter nights and the early spring,
Our childish games and the friendly summer sweat,
And the autumns that went by without much fret.

Innocent chuckles fringed our endless banter,
Infinite ease accompanied our reckless candour,
Innocuous friendships forged in unsullied virtues,
Intimate bonds uncoloured by spiteful hues.

But life around us changed as time flew,
Our puerile ways we eventually outgrew.
Now deceit and pretence catch us unawares,
This place is only home to he who truly prepares.

#To the little things in life

March 22, 2018

Anastasia : She Who Will Rise Again

Anastasia was a little girl who lived in a forest. The big, black baboon was old and wise, and he was Anastasia's closest friend. Every time Anastasia had a problem, she would go to the big, black baboon, and he would just solve it in a jiffy.

But one day the big, black baboon went his way, and never came back.

Anastasia looked and looked, but found him not. Sad and dejected, she walked along the forest path wondering whom she would go to the next time she was in trouble. As she turned an unfamiliar bend, stumbling over the roots of an old banyan tree, Anastasia fell down. Sulking and grumbling, she tried to get up, but slipped over the sloppy ground instead, and rolled down into a bush of thorns. Bruised and tattered all over, Anastasia started crying and called out to the big, black baboon for help.

But the big, black baboon showed up not.

March 4, 2018

Sparring Sparrows and Misty Mornings

Sparring sparrows in the morning dew,
Waking up the day ever so new.
Tiny tots, they rise with the sun,
Gabbling away, having endless fun.

Chirpy carols in the morning bloom,
Lift the veil off the dark night’s gloom.
Beckoning the day with a joyous song,
They warble at dusk as children play along.

The morning mist aloft with their clatter,
The sun sinks in their evening chatter.
Muses the garden rose what they prattle,
What is it through evenings they rattle?

#Cheers to the little things in life!!

February 27, 2018

What On Earth?

I recently happen to read a newspaper article about some of NASA’s space explorations. As I was reading, it occurred to me that hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent by NASA and other such elaborately funded research organizations in extensive researches aimed at demystifying the realm beyond our earthly boundaries.

Information of such mystical quality is highly appreciated by science enthusiasts, and is often received with unquenchable voracity and insatiable curiosity. But as I was reading on, a queer thought came to my mind, and I couldn’t help wondering what's the point of all this after all?

I mean what difference does it make to our earthly existence if a certain something from the outer space streaks across the galaxy and crashes into a certain something in its neighbourhood? Or how does the number of moons around Saturn affect our subsistence on our planet? Or how does the planet or not-a-planet status of Pluto change our lives here on earth?

February 12, 2018

The Two Voices

From the depths of my soul, two voices rise :-

One, in every struggle, toughens my resolve,
Full of life, it urges me to evolve.
The other leads me to a world of unrest,
Full of doubts, it keeps me from my quest.

I listen to the former that does me favour,
Whilst the other tells me in vain I labour.
Pushed backwards, I plough on nonetheless,
Leave no stones unturned, in my efforts relentless.

Though there are times I feel I am slow,
I choose to listen to the voice that helps me grow.
Ever so gently, it reaches out to my soul,
Tells me I have the strength to face it all.

Not one to give in to the winds that sway,
I strive to keep focused and lose not my way.
Within me lies the power to turn my life around,
From the depths of my soul, I have my voice found.

#Dedicated to the spirit of life