April 13, 2016

In the Arms of Nature

My urge to write this post was aroused by an online discussion.

The discussion was about nature – about one’s favorite place to be or about one’s favorite vacation spot. Being a native of a region in India which is known for its hills, and the twists and turns they provide while riding those snake-like roads, I am a total fan of the hills. The hills would always be my ideal holiday location, especially when the Heavens drench it with cold, icy waters, when the earth meets its desire to quench its thirst with the showers that smear its dry, hard surface; or to be less poetic and more specific, I mean to say, the Monsoons.

O what pleasure it is simply to think of this exotic beauty – the cool, moist breeze blowing into your face, the umbrellas giving away to the strong winds, the soothing sound of the streams and rivers overflowing in its overwhelming joy.

It’s magnificent not just in its splendid picturesque charm, but also in its pleasing calmness – a calmness in which all you can hear are the leaves murmuring among themselves and the streams chanting its song. And in the night, the distant gush of waters join the leaves and sing you their lullabies in perfect symphony.

Not to mention, the smell of the wet soil, the music of the pouring raindrops and the coldness of the waters that play at your feet. The intermittent flashes of thunders do give you a little shake causing the ones like me, rush into the house for shelter. But those flashes simply remind you of the overpowering might of nature.

The last time I went, my cousin took me around on his bike and that was the best ride I ever had in my life. We went all the way up the hill and literally touched the clouds. You don’t feel any difference actually. But simply knowing that you are amongst the clouds, gives you a happy feeling.

The waters that you see in the picture above are not waterfalls, but waters coming from inside the rocks. Soothing, huh? So next time you plan out your vacations, try going to the hills in monsoons and that would be one of the best experiences of your life.