May 17, 2016

That Special Moment

The winds were strong. The skies were getting dark. The kids in the field stopped playing. They all stared at the skies above – a flash of light, followed by an earth shaking thunder. And then - a drop of water on the face. I knew the rains were coming, and they were coming hard and strong. A downpour and we were all drenched and soaked in the rain. The kids were cheering, laughing and running. I was happy, jumping and beaming. I knew I would get rebuked by my mother later. Who cares? I was happy, and that is what mattered. I was with nature, and that is what mattered. It was cold, it was raining hard, and I was filling it all in me – the smell of the earth, the sound of the rains, the joy of nature - and drinking in the glory of nature. Like a mendicant filling himself with God, I filled it all in me. And then suddenly, my eyes opened, I woke up and realized … it was a dream. Well, a sweet dream at that. Good morning everyone!