August 31, 2016

Small Hands, Big Deeds!

It’s been quite some time since I showed up here. It’s not because I had been short of things to share, it’s because I had been short of time to write. It took me some time to settle down in my new job and adjust with the shift in my daily routine. Now, that I am settled – or as settled as I ever could be – I have decided that it’s time to get back in action. As somebody reminded me at work yesterday, you always need to do something which you do just for yourself and your personal happiness. Well, for me it’s my blog, said I!

A lot has happened in the last couple of months – the tiny tot who inspired me to write my first blog post has turned two now and is now rapidly developing into a chatter box; I am enjoying my profession to the core; my students love me and I love my students (talking about them would take a whole new blog page!); I have made some new friends; I have learnt and am learning many new things each day; my most favorite teacher passed away last week, it was horrible; I had a talk with an old teacher of mine, it was lovely; I have learnt to handle work pressure better, thanks to my confessor’s rebuke; I have learnt to calm down; I have learnt not to worry too much, no matter what; I have learnt to be detached; I have learnt not to be attached – whether to work or a person; I have learnt that life goes on, as it always would.

And in the meantime, my blog view count has frog jumped. Thanks to all my viewers. It’s really endearing that my blog gets any reception at all, given that it’s just a regular blog with regular stuff by a regular person.

Among so many beautiful stories and life lessons, here’s the one that I want to share first...  

I was sitting in a particular class correcting notebooks. The students had gone out for some practice. Now, while I was in the class, some of them came back to drink water and on seeing me they crowded around my table and start talking – sometimes one at a time, and sometimes everyone together. As they were talking, one of them suddenly quipped, “Ma’am, aren’t you feeling hot?”

I had come in to the class with my hands full of notebooks and couldn’t bother to get up to turn on the fan once I sat down. I myself had forgotten about it until this child reminded me. I told him that I was fine. Later on, as the students were moving out of the class, this one jumped up – for he was too tiny to get to the switch without jumping – and switched on the fan for me and smiled. I thanked him for it and smiled at him. I am short of words to explain my exact feelings. All I know is that my eyes were moist and my heart was moved.

The small joys of a small world!