May 30, 2016

Your Happiness is in You

“It’s good to have a job you like. But let not your happiness depend on your job or anything else.”

The words that changed the way I look at everything!

We so naively think that achieving a certain “something” in life will make us happy. Getting a dream job, buying a fancy car, having the perfect wedding, living in a sprawling manor…those are the things, we imagine, would bring us happiness. But do they indeed?

Think about it. You get a job you had always wished to have. This makes you happy. You start working. It’s exciting and you are eager to do your best. What then? As time passes, the excitement slowly starts to wane. It becomes a routine, and now you need something else to break your routine. So off you go on a vacation to recharge yourself and to have a fresh look at things. You come back, and get back to your work. What then? The routine starts all over again. Where exactly is your happiness then?

May 23, 2016

She Walks In Glorious Grace

She walks in glorious grace,
Her beauty lies, not in the charm of her face.

But in the compassion of her touch,
That in its tenderness, words need not speak much;
And in the serenity of her mind,
That in its calmness, endures the raging wind.

She walks in glorious grace,
Her beauty lies, not in the charm of her face.

But in the twinkle of her eyes,
That in its innocence, show no vices or lies;
And in the charity of her soul,
That in its benevolence, reaches out to all.

She walks in glorious grace,
Her beauty lies, not in the charm of her face.

May 17, 2016

That Special Moment

The winds were strong. The skies were getting dark. The kids in the field stopped playing. They all stared at the skies above – a flash of light, followed by an earth shaking thunder. And then - a drop of water on the face. I knew the rains were coming, and they were coming hard and strong. A downpour and we were all drenched and soaked in the rain. The kids were cheering, laughing and running. I was happy, jumping and beaming. I knew I would get rebuked by my mother later. Who cares? I was happy, and that is what mattered. I was with nature, and that is what mattered. It was cold, it was raining hard, and I was filling it all in me – the smell of the earth, the sound of the rains, the joy of nature - and drinking in the glory of nature. Like a mendicant filling himself with God, I filled it all in me. And then suddenly, my eyes opened, I woke up and realized … it was a dream. Well, a sweet dream at that. Good morning everyone!